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Help us keep our students safe!!!  


Instruction for Volunteer Background Check (Applicant):
  1. Log on to
  2. Enter the DCS password: 3898$Teller Do not copy/paste the password.
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Complete two disclosures by typing your FULL name and provide your signature.


Enter Personal Information to processed in the background check.
  1.  All fields marked with a “*” are required
  2.  Click “Next”
  3. Review all information to ensure its accuracy before proceeding.
  4. If you need to make any corrections you can click on the “Edit” link or the “Previous” button to return to the Personal Information page.
  5. Click “Next” or “Complete” to process your search.

The fee assessed by the vendor can be paid by the volunteer directly online when processing the form. You will receive an email receipt.


***Please Note the following***

If you stop without clicking “Save”, the system will not save your information. Your background check will not be run. You will need to start over from the beginning when you return.

If you click “Save” before you quit, you will be provided with a reference code to enter when you return to the site to pick up where you left off.

When returning to the site, click on this link on the Welcome Page: “If you are returning to finish a previous search, then click here.” 

Enter your last name and reference number to resume your previous search.

Please do not submit the search more than one time. Because the School has a custom URL portal and single password duplicate searches could happen. To ensure this does not happen, please only submit once. If you are not sure if the search was successfully submitted or not, please contact Brant Epperhart at 303-763-7912, or the IntelliCorp Client Services Department at 1-888-946-8355

Note:  You may assume that your background check has cleared (you have been approved for volunteering at DCS) one week after you've submitted the form to DC unless you have been notified otherwise.  Please also feel free to check with one of our academic offices if you'd like to us to check the status of your background check.