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Get involved - we need sponsors, donors and volunteers!

Please contact Debra Adair or Stephanie Davy at for more information.

Proceeds from the auction benefit the Denver Christian Loyalty drive for various programs and operation expenses, such as financial aid, scholarships, technology enrichment, and professional development for our teachers.

Volunteers Needed!

The annual auction is Denver Christian's largest fundraiser and adult-only community event of the year. Our auction committee is always in need of volunteers to help make the evening a success! Depending on your talents, there are several committees you can join, including Sponsor Relations, Technology, Volunteer Coordination, Marketing, Hospitality, Facilities, Administration and Acquisitions/Staff Coordination. 


Donations Needed!

We are in also in need of donations. Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Vacation homes, both in the mountains and elsewhere
  • "Behind the Velvet Rope" experiences. Do you have access to a place or event that the average person doesn't? Some ideas: backstage/behind the scene tours, private golf clubs, private fly fishing or hunting, hard to get concert tickets... We'd love to talk an idea through with you!
  • Hosted Party. Alone or with a few friends, this is also a fun way to build community. Moms Night Out, Backyard BBQ, Catered Dinner for 4 couples... the ideas are endless!
  • Sports tickets: professional and college
  • Themed baskets 
  • Restaurant gift cards (ideally $25+)
  • Bottles of wine

To donate, please complete a copy of this donation form and return to the auction committee by February 15, 2019. 

For more information about the auction, or to buy tickets and sponsorships, please click here.