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Shuttle Bus Transportation

064Shuttle Bus Transportation FAQ


Click here for the Shuttle Bus Online Registration Form

NOTICE:  In the event of a DCS 1 hour delay, please note that the shuttle bus only delays 1/2 hour.


DCS offers a fee-based bus transportation program.  DC families can choose from either the North Route or South Route. Below are answers to some of the questions regarding the bus system.

What are the stop locations and times?

North Route

AM Times    Location
  • 6:55    Trinity Baptist Church, (Quincy & Chambers)
  • 7:25    K-Mart Parking Lot (Evans & Monaco)
  • 7:35    Hope Fellowship Church (Wesley & Ash)
  • 7:50    Harvard Gulch Stadium Parking Lot (Iliff, west of Clarkson)
  • 8:15    Arrive at DCS
PM Times    Location
  • 3:30    Depart from DCS
  • 3:45    Harvard Gulch Stadium Parking Lot (Iliff, west of Clarkson)
  • 3:55    Hope Fellowship Church (Wesley & Ash)
  • 4:10    K-Mart Parking Lot (Evans & Monaco)
  • 4:40    Trinity Baptist Church (Quincy & Chambers)

South Route

AM Times    Location
  • 6:55    Park-n-Ride (Castle Pines Parkway & I-25)
  • 7:20    Jubilee Fellowship Church (Lone Tree Parkway & Lincoln)
  • 7:35    Horizon Community Church (Dad Clark & west of University)
  • 7:47    Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit (Josephine & University)
  • 8:15    Arrive at DCS
PM Times    Location
  • 3:30    Depart from DCS
  • 3:50    Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit (Josephine & University)
  • 4:05    Horizon Community Church (Dad Clark & west of University)
  • 4:20    Jubilee Fellowship Church (Lone Tree Parkway & Lincoln)
  • 4:35    Park-n-Ride (Castle Pines Parkway & I-25)
Half Day school schedule
North Route
  • 12:10  depart Teller Campus
  • 12:30  Harvard Gulch
  • 12:40  Hope fellowship church
  • 12:47  Kmart
  • 1:08    Trinity Baptist
South Route
  • 12:10 Depart
  • 12:35 Lutheran Church
  • 12:45 Horizon
  • 12:55 Jubilee
  •  1:10  Park-n-ride

How much does the bus cost?

  • Each K-12 student is charged $90 / month. 
  • Preschool students are charged $70/month.

Is there a discount for part-time riders?

  • Riders #1 & #2 = $90/month/rider (as previously published for 2015-16)
  • Rider #3 = $80/month/rider ($10/month/3rd rider discount)
  • Rider #4 = $70/month/rider ($20/month/4th rider discount)
  • Preschool riders are still $70 per month per rider.

How do I register for the bus?

Go to the following online registration link - ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

Do we pay monthly or does it need to be paid in full at the beginning of the year?

The $90 bus fee ($70 for Preschool) will be applied to your RenWeb account each month.  For more information, contact Lori Bailey (  

How do I sign up for text alerts regarding the DC Shuttle Bus?

To Join REMIND text service, download the Remind App. Select  Join a Class, Select Search for your class, Select Denver Christian School
Select Transportation, Select either the North or the South route.

Will there be room for periodic riders?

No.  At this point, the buses are for full-time riders only.  We will re-evaluate space availability for this option in October.

If we are running late can we have pick up or drop off at another location if needed?

Yes, as long as the location is on the same route.  Attendance will be taken once the student boards the bus, and it will be reported to the school office at the end of the route.

Do we have to sign up at the beginning of the school year or can we join the bus system during the year?

Yes, you can join during the year based on space availability. A notification has to be made by the 15th of the prior month to join or leave the bus program.  Contact to join or leave the bus program.

Do students need to have a parent with them at all times?

We recommend that students stay with a parent until getting on the bus as the school’s supervision begins when the student boards the bus at the bus stop and ends when the student departs the bus at the stop.

What happens if I am late picking up my student from the bus stop in the afternoon?

The bus driver cannot wait for parents to arrive, so it is the parent’s responsibility to make arrangements if he/she is running late.  The bus driver/school’s responsibility ends when the student safely leaves the bus.

Do parents contact the driver if their children will not be riding that day?

No, drivers will leave each pick-up point at the appointed time with the riders who are there on time.  Bus attendance will be reported to the school office at the end of the route.

Where will students meet to get on the bus at school?

Students should meet at the Elementary Library immediately after school ends.  A teacher will walk them to the bus at the end of the school day.

Will the bus operate on the 1st day of school?

Yes, every school day we will have a bus service operating.

Are there any other forms that I need to complete?

Yes, below is the Bus program waiver and release of liability form.  This will be distributed to all bus program participants on their first day; this must be physically signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the bus driver.

Who should I contact with questions about the shuttle bus transportation program?

Direct any questions on the shuttle bus program, including route information to Brad Lanser at

Bus Route Hotline

If you have questions or need an update on the buses, please call 303-763-7939.