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Student Blogging

Student Blogging:  Using Google Apps for Education 

Denver Christian will be using Blogger with our 3rd through 12th grade classes throughout the year.  Because of the nature of this technology, our students’ work (with parent permission) will be available online and accessible worldwide. The beauty of blogging for a worldwide audience is the availability of an authentic audience, an audience with whom we genuinely want to engage.  

A blog can benefit our students in so many ways.  Below are some of those ways.

  • Blogging is authentic.
  • Gives all students a voice with which to engage the world.
  • Blogging encourages reflection and the re-thinking of thoughts and ideas.
  • Blogging offers opportunity for our students to practice their writing.  Students “become more motivated to write, improve our writing skills, and become more comfortable putting our pieces out into the real world. With an audience other than our language arts teacher, we were motivated to put more effort into our work!” (source)
  • Blogging is cross curricular.
  • Students will learn what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for online communication.
  • If we can start to develop a positive digital footprint in the lives of our young people we have a chance to help get them off to a good start in the world of social media and provide the students with an opportunity to use this tool in a real genuine and uplifting way.
  • Over time we hope to see blogs full of art, poetry, articles, essays, student created videos and more.  In other words, this tool will allow our students to build an archive or portfolio of the their learning.


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