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All of our local public libraries offer great summer reading programs that provide fun incentives for your students to keep reading.  Click on the link of the library district closest to your home to find out more about how to get your students signed up for these fun programs! 

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Reading Challenge

Click here for Reading Challenge Games Kindergarten - 5th Grade


2019 Summer Reading for Denver Christian Middle School Students


Reading is essential for success in all content areas, and we want to build on the growth of this school year.  To keep students focused on reading comprehension, learning new vocabulary, and discussing literary techniques, the middle school English teachers have selected several novels for incoming and continuing middle school students.  If you have read all of the novels previously, please contact​. 

The requirements vary by grade level. Lexile ranges are listed following each title to guide your selection.  However, lexile ranges are just one way to determine if the book is appropriate.  You should also consider what types of books match your interests.  ​Common Sense Media​ is a good source if you want to check out content.  
Students are always free to go beyond the minimum requirements and read all the novels on their specific reading list! :) We hope to hear about some fun family reading time too!  ENJOY! 

Click here for a list of books for middle school.


Reading Challenge for 6th - 12th Grade

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