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College Exploration  

The counseling staff will be helping you fill out college applications. It would be good for you to start narrowing down to those colleges that you want to pursue.  Spend some time in the summer researching colleges/universities online (most of them even have virtual campus tours), and visit some colleges and tour their campus.  If you are on vacation and driving by some colleges, stop in for a tour ... admissions staff love drop-ins, and you often get some swag out of the visit. It is just good to see many different colleges before you make your decision.

Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy

One of the things that colleges will be looking for on applications to distinguish you from other applicants is leadership and service. Consider applying for the Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy that we will be hosting on our campus. It will involve once a month leadership trainings (probably during zero hour ... 7:15-8:15) and some service projects that you design.  Mr. Romero will be leading this, along with a representative from Chick-Fil-A.  The Wadsworth/Belleview CFA restaurant is sponsoring our school for this.  I sent information previously, but I thought I'd give you a last chance to apply.  Deadline is June 30!  See link below to apply ... Information


Denver Christian has partnered with Overgrad to offer another resource for our high school students in determining college and career choices.  Overgrad lets you monitor your students' college and career goals, readiness, and matriculation so you can focus on what's important and react faster.  Overgrad partners with top four-year, non-profit universities and employers to help them locate students who are good fits for their institution.  Overgrad alerts you when universities and employers have expressed interest in your students so you can monitor the postsecondary connections your students are making.

To login to overgrad, click here.

Online College Information Resources

  • Earn scholarship money simply by accomplishing basic things-- completing a course, playing sports, participating in extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Learn more about this new opportunity in Mr DeNooy's letter to parents.



  • Cappex is a free resource for students and their parents. Create an account and login to learn about colleges and scholarships.
  • A useful tool to research what colleges are right for you through college reviews and matchmaking. 
  • Learn about your skills and strengths and choose a major that's right for you.
  • Apply for thousands of dollars worth of scholarship and aid.


College Greenlight

  • Create an account to learn about scholarship opportunities unique to your skill set and passions.
  • Explore new colleges and find your perfect college.


Affordable Colleges Online -

  • Online access to college affordability and student resources including details on college life, academic support, and financial aid.
  • College rankings using a priority scoring system.


College in Colorado -

  • Free resources for students. Everything from career and interest assessment tools to college searches and financial aid info.
  • This website is great for students who are looking to increase their knowledge of schools both in Colorado and across the nation. Additionally, this website provides students with the tools and resources to began advertising their skills in both college applications resumes.
  • Students can also assess their GPA and testing scores to see how they compare to other students applying to college.
  • Students can search, explore, and apply for scholarship opportunities as well.


Colorado Admissions Tool -

  • This resource is aimed toward Colorado schools and allows students to explore what the schools have to offer.
  • Students can input their GPA and testing scores into the site wizard to see if they would be considered competitive for admissions in Colorado.


Community Colleges of Colorado -

  • This website contains information on the 13 entrepreneurial colleges throughout the Colorado Community college system.
  • Students can find details on the campuses, available degrees and enrollment information.


Big Future College Exploration -

  • This resource is helpful for students who have several prospective schools on their lists. Students can select their interested schools and compare and contrast each school to narrow down their selection.
  • This resource also allows students to explore careers and search for scholarships.


Peterson’s College Guide -

  • Explore colleges based off student’s priority factors such as tuition, size of school, majors offered, location, etc.
  • Search for scholarships as well.


American Educational Guidance Center -


Wells Fargo College Guidance 

  • Wells Fargo College STEPS Program at - Students and parents can both sign up for the CollegeSTEPS program to stay on track with college planning.  You'll receive emails on topics like study tips, financial aid, and campus visits.
  • Your Financial Aid Journey at - Journey through the financial aid process with Mr. Fellows and Monty.  Through the interactive ebook and videos, you'll get help sorting out the different options to pay for college expenses, including information on how to compare award letters.


Online Scholarship Resources


Financial Aid Information

Most colleges require students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This information is used by the financial aid office at your college to determine the types of aide for which you are eligible.

Where can I find more information about the FAFSA?