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WT Cafe Lunch

Wholesome Nut-Free Lunches Prepared From Scratch, Daily, On-site at

Denver Christian School


Our Mission:  To make fresh, delicious, and exciting foods available to every child, everywhere.

WT Cafe Welcome Letter (with directions to setup account)

Wholesome Tummies Website

This month's WT Cafe Lunch Menu 

Next Month's WT Cafe Menu (when available)


Denver Christian School has partnered with Wholesome Tummies to offer WT Cafe. They believe that good nutrition is critical to our children’s development and that healthy eating habits established early can help pave the way to lifelong health. They also believe that by preparing healthy foods in creative ways, our children will discover the joys of fresh, natural foods and choose them consistently over less-healthy alternatives.

A NUT-FREE kitchen, WT Cafe operates directly out of Denver Christian's commercial kitchen, and offers families with varied food allergies the option to create allergy profiles, and select meals that meet those specific needs. Families with no food allergies will be surprised and delighted by the delicious options to satisfy even the most discriminating (read, "picky") eaters!

You can learn about their fun, kid-centric and appealing meals at This welcome letter will provide you a quick overview, and guide you through the process of setting up a new account.

Bon Appetit!