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Sports Details

DCMS Students/Parents,

I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer.  It is near the end of July, and it's time to prepare for our fall sport season. Understanding that not all MS students will plan to be involved in Denver Christian sports during the school year, it is beneficial for us to know which students do plan to participate so we can best prepare.

A participation survey for DCMS students participating in fall sports is toward the end of this email. Please read all the information in this email and fill out the survey one time, by either student or parent. Please fill out the survey by Friday, August 2. Once we have the sign up form completed, the names and email addresses will be given to the head coach of each sport, and will be used to contact you. 

Following is information which can help you make an informed decision:

  • Fall sports offered at the middle school are Coed Cross Country, Coed Golf, Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball
  • MS sports typically have 3 contact days per week, which can include both practices and contests. MS practice times are dependent on number of teams in each sport, field and gym availability, and each coach's schedule.
  • Between our MS and HS, we will have many sport teams practicing in our gyms and on our outdoor fields. We will attempt to have consistent practice times, but this is not always possible, so teams are asked to be considerate of each other's practice times and spaces. 
  • Playing time in contests will reflect effort and attitude during practices in all grade levels. However, playing time will also begin to reflect ability, as the grade level increases.
    • 6th grade playing time will be more equitable for team athletes. 
    • 7th grade playing time will begin to be less equitable but all athletes will play in games.
    • 8th grade playing time will begin to more closely reflect ability, with no guarantee of playing time in a game.
  • A participation fee of $150/athlete for all sports, with the exception of golf, which is $300, is due to the business office prior to the first scheduled contest. If payment has not been received by this date, $150 (all sports other than golf, which will be $300) will added to your FACTS incidental account, and athletes will not be allowed to play until it has been paid.
  • We do not require our middle school athletes to have a physical prior to participation in athletics. (High school athletes are required to have a physical in order to participate.)
  • Please communicate with the head coach of the sport once the season has started.
  • Golf is the only sport that will begin practice before the start of the school year. The first practice will be August 5, 2019 at the Broken Tee Golf Course, 2101 W Oxford Ave, Englewood, CO 80110. Practice time will be 3:30-5:00. Golf will also practice August 6, August 8, August 12, 13, and 15.
  • Golf will be limited to 14 participants, with 7th and 8th graders receiving priority.
  • All golf participants must be able to play a round of 18 holes. This will be a requirement to participate in tournaments, since they must keep up with the pace of the game at a tournament.
  • The preliminary coed golf practice and tournament schedule link follows
  • If changes are made, they will be reflected in this schedule link, which is a live link.
  • Coed Cross Country, Boys Soccer, and Girls Volleyball schedules and coach contacts will be sent out when they are complete and confirmed. The first practice for XC, Soccer (all levels) and volleyball (all levels) will be Thursday, August 22, 3:30-5:00. 
  • In order for us to make informed decisions for coaches and contests, we are asking for you to respond to the following survey by Friday, August 2, regarding you/your child's interest in participating in Coed Cross Country, Coed Golf, Boys Soccer, or Girls Volleyball:
  • Coed Cross Country 6th, 7th, 8th - TBD
  • Coed Golf, 6th, 7th, 8th - Jessica Barrientos,
  • Boys Soccer Head Coach, 6th/7th, 7th/8th - Amanda Herrera, 
  • Girls Volleyball 6th Head Coach - TBD
  • Girls Volleyball 7th Head Coach - TBD
  • Girls Volleyball 8th Head coach - TBD

I look forward to receiving your responses by Friday, August 2.

Mrs. Landhuis

Barb Landhuis
Athletic Director-HS/MS
Denver Christian School
3989 S. Teller St.
Lakewood, CO  80235
303-763-7958 - office