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School Handbook and Contract Agreement


2018 - 2019 Family/Student Handbook (link to dynamic google doc)

Family/Student Handbook (pdf)  

Signature page of Family/student Handbook -  please print, sign and return to your child's homeroom teacher. 


Carline Procedures


We made some major improvements to an already smooth running carline.  We are moving all operations to the covered driveways, yes, covered driveways!! One of the many benefits to this is we have shortened the walk to carline for all our students (way more efficient).  All students will be walking down / up the stairs near the atrium.  The beauty of this is that it is centrally located inside our building.  Students will be dropped off in the morning, go to their classrooms, drop their bags off and head to the playground. 

Shuttle buses will be dropping our students off at those entrances as well.

Preschool families do the same thing as last year, pull in the main entrance and turn left into the preschool parking lot.  You will exit the same way, just backtrack out the main drive.

In summary, K - 5 families enter the Main (South) driveway and exit through the North driveway.  6 - 12 carline students enter the North driveway and exit through the South (Main) driveway.

All elementary students that ride with middle school students will go to the middle school side of carline.  This applies to morning and afternoon to be as consistent as possible.  That means if you have been picking up an elementary student and middle school student you are now entering in the NORTH ENTRANCE instead of the MAIN ENTRANCE. 

Meaning - if a 2nd grader has a 7th grader in their carpool we are now asking that this group go to the middle school side of carline instead of the elementary side.  The students STILL GO DOWN THE CENTER STAIRS NEAR THE ATRIUM.

If you only pick up elementary you continue to enter the main entrance.

Gentle reminder: please use do not drop your child off at the turn around entrance near the main lobby.  We ask that you use the carline procedures as listed.

Click here for the map... in case you need it.

Medical Resources


All students must demonstrate proof of immunization either by submitting an immunization record card or by filling out this exemption form (Notice of Immunization Requirement - Required Immunization(s) for School/Child Care).  Click here for the Colorado Immunization Requirements

Click on links below to download medical forms

Immunization Exemption Form

Asthma Care Plan

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

Medical Administration Form

High School Physical Form

Financial Information Resources


Click on links below to download Financial forms

Tuition Assistance Form

New Family Referral Incentive

Pastor Scholarship Initial Application

Mosaic Scholarship Application

Deters Scholarship


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