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Middle School Details

Dear Denver Christian Middle School Families,

End of July!!  Wow!! I sure hope your summer has (and will continue to be) enjoyable!  We have been praying all summer for your child. Praying that their faith continues to grow, praying for great friends and of course praying for this upcoming school year.  

We have some really exciting things happening at DC!  In just a couple of short weeks, we officially welcome all of our teachers and staff back for a week of Professional Development beginning August 12!  It will be awesome to have all our staff back in the building.

Speaking of staff, due to retirements and growth, the middle school is welcoming three new teachers:

  • Amber Ballast - 6th grade Math and Science
  • Lauren Zonnefeld - 7th and 8th grade English
  • Aimee Delnero - Director of Bands

Also, due to increased enrollment we have added two classrooms There has been tons of construction around here and those projects are beginning to wrap up. We hope you notice and enjoy the changes you see!


Below are a number of key items I’d like to bring your attention to.  

Please read carefully.


First and foremost, I know this is a lot of information and might be a bit overwhelming… I totally get it.  But I did want to get these details out to so that you are able to begin processing them. May I suggest you take your time as you read through this document.  Some of the items are a little more time sensitive than others so maybe start with the time sensitive items first and slowly work your way through the rest. As always, feel free to ask me some questions as needed.  

Upcoming events:

DC New Family Welcome Picnic -- Wednesday, August 7, 6:00pm @DCS


Backpack Night for grades 1-12 -- Thursday, August 15 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Meet your teachers, see your classroom, drop off your school supplies, decorate your locker and pick up your free Spiritual Emphasis t-shirt in the lobby

New Student Orientation -- Monday, August 19 - 8:30am - 11:30am

NEW MS and HS students, as well as ALL 6th and 9th graders

Back to School Day -- Tuesday, August 20 - 8:20am - 12:00pm 

  • Preschool -12th grade students' first day of school
  • First day of school/orientation for all students
  • Find your students' classrooms and drop off school supplies if you weren’t able to make to Backpack Night
  • Convocation
  • Parents will:
  • Meet the staff
  • Hear from administration
  • Hear about updated school policies and procedures.
  • Attend school division meetings: Elementary, Middle, and High School


DC Dash (5k and 1 mile) -- SATURDAY, August 24 at 9:00am

All are invited to join in the annual event-this is our 5th year!  It’s an incredible way to kick off the year in community with one another.

We have a new pricing structure. Due to the generosity of our incredible sponsors we have made this event incredibly affordable to all our families - check it out!!

Click here for more information and to register for the event.


Sing The National Anthem at the Rockies -- Friday, September 13 at 6:40pm

4th-12th grade students are invited to sing the National Anthem at the Rockies game

DC will get the students to the games on our buses, and the families will be responsible for getting their child home from the game.  

Click here for more details to sign your child(ren) up and to buy tickets for the game.


BYOD --Students will be receiving their login information during that first week of school

Click here for more details about the BYOD program

If you have any questions about devices please contact Mr. Amidon - MS Principal


Summer Reading -- There is still time to finish up that summer reading.  We need your reading completed prior to the first day of school.  Click here for the reading lists.


Dress Code -- As you’re shopping for those school clothes please keep the school dress code in mind.  Please click here to view the DCS dress code for 2019-2020

Band, Choir, Speech and Debate (take 2) -- Earlier this summer I sent out a form however it did not automatically capture all the student’s email. If you don’t mind, please fill out this form.  If you have done so already, I apologize for asking you to do this again.  


Please keep an eye on the Denver Christian Weekly News that comes out on Sundays.   At the top you will see a link to what is happening in the middle school The link is titled “Middle School News” and is updated weekly!


All the above details are really important and necessary but there is a social emotional side to school too.  Here are a few thoughts to consider. Transitioning back to school can cause a little bit of angst for our children, regardless of age.  Even though they are excited to get back and see their friends, it can be a little unnerving. It can be especially stressful for new students to DC.  Here are a couple of ideas to think about during these next few weeks.

  • Read and review with your middle school student all of the information sent by the school
  • Mark your calendar with important dates, including orientation and the  back-to-school night.
  • Buy your school supplies early
  • Begin to re-establish the bedtime and mealtime routines  
  • Begin to reduce the tech usage
  • Overcoming that bit of angst
    • Let your children know you care. If your child is a little anxious about school, please reassure them that those feelings are totally normal.  But also please reinforce his/her ability to cope. It’s ok to be a little nervous and excited all at the same time. Even the teachers are a little nervous as well as excited.
  • Reinforce your child’s ability to cope.  Much of middle school is about confidence so encourage that as much as possible.
  • Again, I strongly encourage all DC Families to attend the New Family Welcome Picnic on August 7, 6:00pm.  Please RSVP to
    • Dinner will be served at the DCS playground. We'd love to see current families there to help us welcome all of our new incoming families!
    • It’ll be great for the returning students to meet new students and it will be awesome for new students to meet their new classmates.