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  Name Title Group
Support Alerio Alerio, Support
Marcy Allison Allison, Marcy Teacher's Aide
Tyler Amidon Amidon, Tyler MS Principal Middle School
Lori Bailey Bailey, Lori Accounts Receivable
Margaret Ballard Ballard, Margaret Preschool Director
Jessica Barrientos Barrientos, Jessica Faculty
Leanne Bartz Bartz, Leanne Art Teacher Middle School, Middle School Staff
Billy Berglund Berglund, Billy Faculty Middle School Staff
Patrick Boyd Boyd, Patrick Faculty
Lia Buchanan Buchanan, Lia Faculty Middle School Staff
Jan Budreau Budreau, Jan preschool teaching asst./stay at home mom/housewife
Carol Buikema Buikema, Carol Faculty
Reba Bull Bull, Reba Faculty
David Byma Byma, David Faculty
Kaitlyn Clark Clark, Kaitlyn Faculty
Julie Cumming Cumming, Julie Faculty
 DCS  Parent Association DCS Parent Association,
 DCS Board DCS Board,
Matt DeBoer DeBoer, Matt Staff Middle School, Middle School Staff
Ben DeNooy DeNooy, Ben Counselor Middle School, Middle School Staff
Benjamin Dirksen Dirksen, Benjamin Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Sonja Elmore Elmore, Sonja Teacher/Drama Director
Brant Epperhart Epperhart, Brant Administrator
Alexandria Erb Erb, Alexandria Middle School Staff
Kelvin Haidle Haidle, Kelvin Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Amanda Herrera Herrera, Amanda Faculty
Debra Hogan Hogan, Debra Faculty
Linda Holmes Holmes, Linda Faculty
Brad Homan Homan, Brad Faculty
Holly Horner Horner, Holly Faculty
Jennifer Jackson-Gustafson Jackson-Gustafson, Jennifer Counselor Middle School, Middle School Staff
Carrie Johnson Johnson, Carrie Director Of Admissions Middle School Staff
Ben Kloosterman Kloosterman, Ben Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Steve Kortenhoeven Kortenhoeven, Steve Director of Academics Middle School Staff
Jamey Krautz Krautz, Jamey Before/After Care Middle School Staff
Adele Kroonenberg Kroonenberg, Adele Administrative Assistant Middle School Staff
Barb Landhuis Landhuis, Barb Athletic Director Middle School, Middle School Staff
Brad Lanser Lanser, Brad Maintenance Middle School Staff
Sandy Lanser Lanser, Sandy Administrative Assistant/Accounts Payable Middle School Staff
Jennifer Last Last, Jennifer Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Carla Lenderink Lenderink, Carla Faculty
Paul Lowe Lowe, Paul International Student Program Director
Danielle Mayen Mayen, Danielle Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Barry Meyer Meyer, Barry Faculty
René Meyer Meyer, René Faculty
Deb Mueller Mueller, Deb Faculty
Kristy Natelborg Natelborg, Kristy Faculty
Beth Naylor Naylor, Beth Faculty Middle School Staff
Lyette Olson Olson, Lyette Faculty
Judy Perkins Perkins, Judy Extend/Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Galyn Pfau Pfau, Galyn Preschool Aide
Val Poland Poland, Val Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Sandra Posthumus Posthumus, Sandra Administrative Assistant Middle School, Middle School Staff
Jason Romero Romero, Jason Education Middle School Staff
Dina Russelavage Russelavage, Dina Teachers Aide
Laurie Sanderson Sanderson, Laurie Faculty
Denver Christian School School, Denver Christian
Jaclyn Sikkema Sikkema, Jaclyn
Russ Smith Smith, Russ Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Lynae Steketee Steketee, Lynae Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Jana Swalley Swalley, Jana Faculty
Karin Tanner Tanner, Karin
James Timmer Timmer, James Faculty
Tracey Twinam Twinam, Tracey Extend/Faculty Middle School Staff
Lauralee Veenstra Veenstra, Lauralee Elementary Principal
Brittany Viss Viss, Brittany
Dirk Visser Visser, Dirk Faculty
Karen Waanders Waanders, Karen Faculty
Nancy Waanders Waanders, Nancy school librarian Middle School Staff
Mark Wurst Wurst, Mark Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff
Tami Zietse Zietse, Tami Faculty
Tim Zietse Zietse, Tim Faculty Middle School, Middle School Staff


The People Called To Offer This Education


Our teachers see themselves as pilgrims in the same journey of discipleship in which we encourage our students. The Denver Christian faculty, staff, and administrators strive to embody the same inspired, equipped, and engaged qualities that we nurture in our students. It is in our work as educators we work out our own calling to bring Christ’s transforming power and love to a broken world. Indeed, the core values that characterize Denver Christian reflect our conviction that everything we do as representatives of the school not only fulfills our duty to act as Christ’s hands and feet in this world, but that the work itself is one of the vehicles through which the Holy Spirit is sanctifying our ever-broken, ever-being-reformed hearts.

As a community of staff members, parents, and friends which strives to provide the education described above, we are committed to the following core values.

  • authenticity and transparency – We understand that as part of a broken world, Denver Christian School is a flawed organization, made up of fallen human beings. Despite this reality, we nevertheless strive to participate in regular, open, and honest dialogue about organizational activities, initiatives, priorities and decisions, always aware of the ways in which brokenness pervades every human interaction. We invite and trust the Holy Spirit to chastise, inspire, and redeem our efforts even as He chastises, inspires, and redeems our hearts.
  • diversity – We understand ourselves to be engaged in Christ’s work on earth, which is not limited by race or class, but rather abolishes such distinctions in the face of God’s inclusive love. Thus, we desire to serve a constituency that reflects the family of God—that is, Christian families from a wide range of economic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds—and to educate effectively students with a wide range of academic abilities, interests, passions, and needs.
  • consummate professionalism – We understand striving for professional excellence as a spiritual duty. Our confidence in the ongoing work of grace in our own lives and those of our colleagues allows us to call ourselves and one another to the highest possible standards of behavior—that is, to Christian behavior, professional competence, meaningful collaboration, appropriate communication, and consistent growth and improvement—both in and outside of the workplace.
  • fellowship – As a community of believers, we are more than professional colleagues—we are brothers and sisters in Christ, united in our shared work as members of His body. As such, we acknowledge and pray that the Holy Spirit may use us as instruments of sanctification in one another’s lives. We commit to engaging honestly and vulnerably with one another, affirming and celebrating together God’s faithfulness, encouraging one another in the journey of discipleship, and graciously accepting correction from others.
  • mentorship – As Christian educators, we owe our students more than an excellent academic education, which may be gained at a secular institution.  We deliberately involve our students in meaningful dialogue about important issues in their lives and we actively cultivate relationships of spiritual mentorship. Moreover, each of us strives daily to develop the emotional intuition, the spiritual acuity, and the personal openness to be effective instruments of the Holy Spirit’s work in our students’ lives. Indeed, we affirm this as one of the principal benefits of a Denver Christian education—that in every interaction with our students, we watch for ‘teaching moments,’ not only in the intellectual sense but in the spiritual sense as well, praying to be a vehicle for the gentle, diversified, persistent guidance that Christ extends to His children.
  • grace and restoration – As individuals saved by grace and being sanctified by the Holy Spirit, we work together with students and families to build and sustain a community of grace.  We acknowledges the realities of sin and pain, but also affirm and celebrate the redemption and restoration made possible in Christ. Thus, the goal of student discipline is to help the child understand his/her/the world’s brokenness, experience God’s gracious love and forgiveness, and commit to accepting and offering the gift of restoration. Our own awareness of this grace, and our gratitude for the restorative work of the Holy Spirit in our own hearts informs all of our human interactions, including those involving disagreement, conflict, correction, or discipline, whether interacting with students, families, or one another as employees of Denver Christian School.
  • transformative work that is ever being transformed – Since we are committed to help transform the world through education, even addressing the broken state of education itself, our own teaching is a primary and site of transformation. But it is also the case that everything that we do in faculty meetings, in the boardroom, and in collegial interaction is focused on transforming the very way in which we live out our calling to educate. Thus, our investment of time, care, effort, expertise, and passion in the day-to-day work of education is supported and made even more valuable by our investment of time, care, effort, expertise, and passion into individual and corporate planning, assessment, reflection, discussion, and revision, all focused on addressing honestly, joyfully, and productively the many challenges and opportunities that attend pre-K – 12th grade education.