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2019-2020 School Supply Lists


Pre K - 5th Grade Supply List

Middle School Supply List 

High School Supply List

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Saturday, August 24 - 9:00am - 12:00pm 

DC Dash - 5K or 1 mile race.  All proceeds go to Boosters Club to support athletics and fine arts at school. Click to run/walk the DC Dash

Friday, September 13 - 6:40pm

Sing the National Anthem - 4th-12th grade students are invited to sing the National Anthem at the Rockies game. Click for more details.


We've made some changes to campus over the summer, so when you come to Denver Christian, take some time to check out new classrooms, offices, and flooring.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please note: Buses will NOT run on the first day of school, Monday and Tuesday.



Click Here for High School Details & Schedules

Click here for Middle School Details & Schedules

Click here for Important MS & HS Sport Details

Welcome our new teachers of Denver Christian School

With increased enrollment our staff has also grown.  Here is the list of new school teachers ... Welcome to DC!

  • Dr. Curry HS (Science)
  • Mrs. Delnero HS, MS (Band)
  • Ms. Erickson HS (English)
  • Mrs. Lawrence-Krekel HS (Choir)
  • Mrs. Mayen HS (Spanish 3)
  • Mr. McClain HS (History/Bible)
  • Amber Ballast - 6th grade (Math and Science)
  • Lauren Zonnefeld - 7th and 8th grade (English)
  • Mrs. Mansfield (Elementary Art)
  • Mrs. Heitzig 4th Grade Teacher
Welcome our new coaches of Denver Christian School
  • Boys Basketball: Mr. Berglund
  • Girls Cheer: Mrs. Natelborg
  • Boys Baseball: Mr. Jones


Connected Learning Program (Bring Your Own Device)

Not only will BYOD enhance our current curriculum but also allow us to expand our curriculum and educational opportunities in innovative, exciting ways we simply couldn't explore without this program.  We can't wait to partner with you in this new pilot program!

Click here for DC's Introduction Letter to BYOD:  Connected Learning Program (pdf)

Click here for FAQ's on BYOD (this is a dynamic document... check back for updates)


Device Suggestions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Our wireless network has been designed to handle a variety of mobile devices. If a student’s device can connect to the Internet, it can be used in the classroom. Denver Christian does not endorse one particular device over another, however there are some things to consider when you purchase a device for school use:

Some smaller devices such as smart phones (Apple, Android or Windows) are good for searching the Internet and using a variety of apps, both beneficial functions for the classroom, however, it is challenging to create written content with a small screen and no external keyboard. We may use smart phones for video and sound recording, then use the files for content creation on the student's chromebook/laptop device.

Other devices such as iPads, Android Tablets or Kindle Fires have larger screens but they are limited in function compared to laptops (an external keyboard is essential for content creation).  Chromebooks and laptops are better options; below are some recommendations for popular devices.




Nearly any chromebook would be sufficient as a lower-cost option for BYOD.  These devices are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and data residing in "the cloud".  Click here for recommendations, most around $200-$300. 

Mid-Grade Laptops




There are many options for mid-grade laptops, ranging in price from $300-$700.  These laptops differ from chromebooks because they have an operating system that allows programs to be installed and documents to be saved to the hard drive.  An example mid-grade lapwould would be a Dell Inspiron 15.An example         

 Higher End Laptops




These laptops are costlier, but offer the best in processors, memory, speed and functionality.  These will come with built-in software that is not always available online.  An example would be a Macbook Air, costing around $1,000+.