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Visual Arts



​​​​​                 Mrs. Tanner's second grade class              
             Mrs. Natelborg's second grade class










Elementary art students are busy creating individual art portfolios, filled with amazing projects from the first half of the year. Each student will choose one piece to remain at school for the end-of-year art show. Watch for portfolios to come home soon and enjoy celebrating your child’s creativity! As we move ahead in art class, students are working on a variety of projects: 3-D sculpture, acrylic painting, and mixed media. The sky is the limit as imaginations soar! 





Students in grades K-5 participate in Art once a week for 30-40 minutes. They work on several projects throughout the year using several types of mediums. In May, all students participate in an art show that showcases their amazing growth and talent.

Middle School

In Middle School, every student gets a chance to experience Art once a week for 40 minutes. During this time students dive deeper into the elements of art along with a variety of mediums to create work that utilizes new skills and shows some of their imagination. Students get to choose projects to display in our K-12 Art Show in May. 

High School

In High School, students can sign up for a variety of art class that meet daily. All students need to take Art Fundamentals where they learn the basic elements and principles of art along with foundational drawing techniques. From there can elect to take a variety of classes that dive deeper into different mediums and projects. Students determine which projects they’d like to display for the K-12 art show in May. See classes below for more in-depth descriptions: 

  • Art Fundamentals (Required Class): Investigation of the basic design elements in two-dimensional works. Students experience challenging, hands–on opportunities to complete assignments using a variety of art materials. Students identify their personal gifts and talents, and develop confidence in their abilities to explore future opportunities in the visual arts.
  • Art Process A: Emphasis on color theory. Students develop an appreciation and awareness of different art processes and artists. Students create work in media such as tempera and watercolor, and textiles such as batik
  • Art Process B: Investigation into three different schools of art. Students experiment with new mediums of painting (acrylic, watercolor and printmaking) and take on the challenges of still life painting, plein air painting and printmaking. 
  • Art Process C: Introduction to three-dimensional works. Students focus on skills needed to create ceramic forms, wire armatures and repurposed materials. Students also examine sculpture as an art form in Denver. 
  • Studio I,II: Expansion of foundation skills and the development of a personal style and themes (voice).  Students get to explore their own studio and creation process to create their own work with meaning. Art Fundamentals and all Process Classes are prerequisite. 
  • Studio III/Honors Studio: Expansion of foundation skills and the development of a personal style and themes (voice). Students get to explore their own studio and creation process to create their own work with meaning. Includes major research study and paper. 
  • Visual Chronicles(I-IV): Expressions of life reflections. Students create personal journals that capture who they are in this moment and their life using a variety of art and creative writing. 
  • Photography: Students will get to dive deeper into what makes a picture a snapshot versus a photograph. Using different composition techniques, quick editing software and learning the exposure triangle students will start to build out their art in the digital world. 



Education/Degrees Held: BA in Art from Seattle Pacific University

Art has always been at the center of who Leanne is, a person who loves to create and who loves to help others create. After graduating with her degree in Studio Art in Seattle, Leanne was starting to pursue a future in Art Therapy when God called her into education. It was in Washington that Leanne started her teaching in the digital arts, teaching Graphic Design and Photography at a private, elite High School. After working there for 5 years and expanding their programs,, God called Leanne and her husband back to Denver to teach at her alma mater - Denver Christian. Here Leanne has been able to teach what her first love was - all the studio arts to our Middle and High school students. Her passion and goal is for each student to realize their own God given abilities and be fearless in what they are willing to learn and create. 

Outside of the classroom you can find Leanne going on adventures with her husband, daughter and dog, dominating on a volleyball court, buried in a good book, or playing with paint. If she’s not at any of those places, odds are good you’ll find her in Hobby Lobby. 



Education/Degrees Held: Undergraduate Degree at University of Colorado, Masters Degree at University of Denver

Loosening the reins and leaning into a creative life—that’s Jayme’s sweet spot as an artist, author, and educator.  Guiding the creative process and instructing children and adults in visual arts has been a passion for the last twenty plus years. The icing on the cake is teaching K-5 art at Denver Christian to share her love for God, the Ultimate Creator.  At her long-time art studio, Piggy Toes, she paints bold floral abstractions and imaginative landscapes that blend luscious color and playful texture—a testimony to what is acclaimed as “joyful and hopeful” art. 

The transformative power of art and faith are also common threads in her award-winning historical novels, Chasing the Butterfly and RUSH. Her upcoming contemporary love story, Seasoned, delivers the same. Recently, RUSH won several awards, including the Gold Medal Illumination Award winner for Enduring Christian Fiction and two prestigious Colorado Book of the Year Awards. RUSH was named the 2019 Village Read and celebrated throughout Colorado. Jayme has resided at the base of the Rocky Mountains most of her life where she and her husband have recently survived raising three hungry, hockey-playing sons. Currently, two very needy Golden Retrievers run the roost. 

Visit for books, art, and creative inspiration.