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Audience of One

Whether it be at an art show, choir or band concert, chapel, or a school play, students perform with Christ as our center. From pre-school through high school students may participate in performances before, during, or after school throughout the school year in many opportunities. We strive in doing everything for the glory of God and with excellence. This is just another one of the many avenues our students are able to use the amazing abilities with which God has so richly blessed them.

Fine Arts Philosophy

We believe fine arts is an integral part of education at Denver Christian School.  Denver Christian is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered, whole-child education, so our students involved in the arts must pursue the goal of excellence within a Christian framework.  The success of our arts program goes beyond the outcome of a particular final product, but rather an opportunity for learning, growing, and discipleship.  As Christians, we are called to excellence in performance and creation in order to honor God our Father, the Ultimate Creator. 

The Denver Christian School arts program provides opportunity for students to:

  • Understand that God is in every part of their lives, whether that is in the classroom, on the stage, or in their home life
  • Develop spiritually, emotionally, and in their gifts, recognizing that each individual student is a unique creation of God
  • Provide students experience in teamwork and discipleship through process, success, and failure
  • Develop our students into artists who humble themselves in their craft in addition to lifting up others in their efforts
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy toward classmates, teachers, and directors at all times
  • Gain self-confidence in their gift and use it for the glory of God

Performing Arts

Students at Denver Christian are inspired to perform from preschool through high school.  Leading worship, performing in choir and band concerts, singing and acting in a musical, performing in reader’s theater, and engaging in poetry readings are just some of the ways our students experience the performing arts. Middle and High school students have performing arts built into their daily curriculum through the band and choir programs with school-wide performances scheduled several times a year. Students can also explore the performing arts at a deeper level through choir festivals, competitions, workshops, and theatrical performances, including that are presented in the fall and spring for the entire community.



Performing in an ensemble and learning to play an instrument is highly valued at Denver Christian. Over 80 percent of the student body performs in band! Students in grades fifth through twelfth grade  have the opportunity to participate in our band program during their regular school day along with outside of school with special events such as pep band and festivals and Disney.  They have daily practice in our custom-designed band room and perform in community band concerts three times a year. 

            Aimee Delnero

Elementary, Middle School, and
         High School Band















Visual Arts

Our elementary art teacher sees God in everything and often engages students to use recycled materials to create new things.  We understand that each child will produce art in his or her own way, and therefore we celebrate their works as inspired by their creator. In these early years, they are also being equipped, learning art theory and concepts. Middle school and high school teachers continue to build on the early concepts, working in a variety of mediums that will culminate in a high school senior synthesis project. Students have an opportunity to showcase and display their work.