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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at DC!  We have a couple of different ways for you to volunteer! 


1. Open Schedule: These volunteer needs are listed below and almost always ongoing needs. Contact information is listed separately for each volunteer need.

2. Event Based:  There is a DCS Volunteer Calendar (on Track it Forward) which lists volunteer opportunities for specific events in a calendar view.  There is a link to this calendar on the sidebar of this page. These volunteer opportunities are generally for specific events requested by teachers, Parent Association, etc.  Please click on our DCS Volunteer Calendar and give it a try!  

Don't forget to log your hours with also in the sidebar. 


Below is a list of the current volunteer opportunities on an open schedule

Lobby Receptionist Volunteers Needed

We are looking for a few more volunteers to meet and greet those coming into our lobby by the front doors.  This person represents DC with a friendly greeting and directs visitors and guests to their destination, as well as adding another layer of security to our school.  We are looking for volunteers to do half or full day shifts, or to substitute for those volunteers who can’t come in on a given day.  Training is provided.  Contact Lauralee Veenstra, Director of Community Life, at if you are interested or have questions.  

At Home Projects

Assist with various needs, from cutting stencils, collating papers, bulletin board help, misc. Please contact Liz Lynett at

School Maintenance

Assist with occasional special projects, painting, nailing, sawing, various fun!  Please contact Liz Lynett at

Public Relations

Volunteers are needed to prepare packets, shadow bags, help set up booths and tables for DC recruitment events. Please contact Liz Lynett at

DC Recruitment

Volunteers are needed to share with prospective parents about their experience at Denver Christian.  May include attending Open Houses, School Fairs or community events where potential families will be.  Please contact Liz Lynett at

Care Committee

Help provide meals and/or support to DC families going through a difficult time. Please contact Liz Lynett at

Put Together Shadow Bags

We are looking for volunteers willing to put together "Goody Bags" for students who shadow at DC. Please contact Carrie at

Family Friendly Volunteer Opportunity

Ambassadors for Denver Christian:  Volunteers willing to hang posters at the business who will let us hang posters and bring flyers to preschools when we have an upcoming DC event. Please contact Carrie at

Business List

We know of a few businesses in the area (Mardels, YMCA, Starbucks) who have bulletin boards who will allow us to hang up posters of upcoming events.  We would like to add to that list.  We could use volunteers who are willing to help compile that list of these businesses with names and addresses. Please contact Carrie at

Preschool List

We have a large list of many preschools in our area that may be interested in a Kindergarten or 1st grade program.  A volunteer would need to help us decide which are viable options for advertising. Please contact Carrie at

Pastor's Email List

We have over 100 churches represented at DC.  At times we have events we would like to invite our pastors to.  We have a list of the churches but we would love to be able to email them.  We could use volunteers to research the email of the pastor by going online to find it. This can be done at home.Please contact Carrie at

Club USA

A volunteer or 2 (ask a friend to go with you) to stand by a DC display table to talk to those who attend Club USA about DC.  You pick the date, 8:30 am to 11:30 am any weekday morning. Please contact Carrie at



We are always looking for people to volunteer. Please click here or the image to see our scheduled list of volunteer help. And don't forget to TRACKITFORWARD.COM to track your hours!



Help us reach the 7,000 volunteer service hours goal!!

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