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The votes are in and counted, and by a 58.3% to 41.7% margin over runner-up Trailblazers, Denver Christian is excited to announce that "Thunder" is her new mascot!

A huge "Thank you!" to the hundreds of people who participated in the selection process and final vote.

Development of the new logo and identity surrounding "Thunder" now begins, and will be presented during one of Denver Christian's Fall 2016 Events.  Stay tuned for event details; you are all invited to attend!

Part of the fun and celebration surrounding a new mascot is that its identity is always developed and absorbed over time as the community experiences it in action.  Athletic cheers will develop over time, for example, as well as favorite fan and student practices and traditions, and certain songs and Scripture will likely become associated with "Thunder" as it connects with the context of Denver Christian School.

DC students first heard the news at a May 12 Pep Rally, where Ben Dirksen, DC middle school teacher and Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach provided an early sample of "Thunder's" identity in DC context.  As Mr. Dirksen noted, "thunder" often appears in the Bible as a symbol of God's power and love.  In Exodus, for example, God powerfully delivers the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and takes them to Mount Sinai where they experience God's "thunder."  And in the Gospel of John, while Jesus is talking about giving his life on a cross in love, people around him hear "thunder."

Another example of "Thunder" in DC context is based on Psalm 19:1 where we are reminded that "The heavens declare the glory of God," and so all of Creation testifies to the Creator.  "Thunder" is certainly a powerful and majestic reminder of Creation declaring God's glory.  And as the pinnacle of God's Creation being made in God's own image, may all of us, too, live our lives to the glory of God!

Congratulations, Denver Christian, on your new mascot.  May "Thunder" serve Denver Christian well for years to come!



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